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WorldNetDaily Exclusive 'Pedophile ping-pong' permeates sex horror Accusations of failing to report assaults on kids cling to researcher despite denials

One of the things I thought I would do to help educate on the movement to normalize pedophilia is to post some articles on Kinsey and his research. This article looks at Kinsey's relationship with pedophiles when he was doing his research.http://www.wnd.com/2010/10/217565/
One of the things the article says is:
“[Kinsey] was deeply affected by five paedophile headmasters who … had … loving relationships with young adolescent boys of 12 or 13,” Kinsey biographer Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy told Yorkshire Television in 1998.

There is a movie on YouTube called The Kinsey Cover up. I have uploaded here to this post to make it more convenient for readers to have access to. I think it is important for people to understand that Kinsey used pedophiles and taught parents and grandparents (I'll post on this story tomorrow) how to sexually abuse their children/grandchildren. One of the pedophiles he used for his research was a Nazi who was investigated for murder of a child in 1957.
 Also in 1943, during the Second World War, Kinsey began a correspondence with a German pedophile, Nazi officer and doctor, Fritz von Balluseck.
 A second chink in Kinsey’s armor came with the revelation of Kinsey’s correspondence with Dr. Fritz Von Balluseck, a Nazi and notorious convicted pedophile investigated by the German police after the murder of a young girl in 1957, the year after Kinsey’s death.
This article discusses Kinsey's relationship with Fritz von Balluseck http://sanityandsocialjustice.net/?tag=fritz-von-balluseck The following excerpt from this web page shows how many professionals believed in Kinsey's flawed research.
Jurists and legislature after legislature bought Kinsey’s flawed research in the 1940s and 50s that pedophiles and other sexual criminals were not a grave danger, so instead of keeping such dangerous individuals segregated from society, many were released after only a few years. The Catholic Church, too, among many other religious organizations, through a number of diocesan bishops and other leaders, listened to psychologists influenced by Kinsey, and took the counsel from professionals that relatively brief separation and therapy was the answer for pedophilia.
Kinsey's flawed research played a significant role in the pushing the agenda that pedophilia wasn't harmful. That child sexual abuse was not harmful. I am amazed that his research is still quoted today when his methodology was so flawed. I feel it is terrible that he is so protect by his institute even when Paul Gebhard the person who assumed leadership of the Kinsey Institute after the death of Kinsey stated that they knew that he was using flawed data and pedophiles but they more worried about the research ending then how the methodology and research was flawed.
“It was illegal and we knew it was illegal and that’s why a lot of people are furious,” said Gebhard in 1998. “They say we should have turned him in instantly … [but] if we had turned him in it would have been the end of our research project.”
Gebhard assumed leadership of the Kinsey Institute after Kinsey died in 1956.

The video below is of Gebhard speaking in 1998 about his knowledge that Kinsey broke the law and that researchers who were working with Kinsey knew this. That really gets my blood boiling. Knowing full well that pedophiles were sexually abusing children and rather then to protect the children Kinsey and his researchers chose to protect themselves. If a researcher did something like that today we would be calling for the arrest of the researcher. The research would be halted due to the methodology being flawed and the harming of children. It doesn't seem like Kinsey had a moral compass. Rosie

The greater good doesn't always justify behavior. Kinsey, his researchers and those who carried out the sexual abuse of children should be held accountable for the damage that their flawed research methodology.

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