Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kinsey's Dog and Pony Show.

The history of the sexual revolution has at its head Kinsey, a deviant, liar and manipulator. Almost all of the model penal codes in this country have been effected by Kinsey. He, almost single-handedly changed every sexual offender law in the U.S. On What evidence you may ask? According to the American Legislative Exchange Council. Restoring Legal Protections for Women And Children A Historical Analysis of The States Criminal Code (found on the bottom of this blog). 18,000.00 interviews.
Gebhard revealed that of the 18,000 interviews once widely considered so scientifically impressive, 5,300 white males accounted for the research base in the
Male Volume; of that 5,300, 2,446 were designated as convicts, 1,003 homosexuals, 50 transvestites, 117 mentally ill, 342 “Other,” 650 sexually abused boys. This yielded 4,628 n=Aberrant and 873n=“Normal” Male subjects. 13
Can you believe this? Laws were changed all across this country with this miniscule amount of scientific data. Only white males were part of this data. That alone was a statistical error not a very good cross section of the male population. According to there were:

132 million people were living in the 48 Continental United States in 1940.

Here is a table from
That breaks down the labor population both male and female in the US in 1940.

Table I. Population 14 years old and over in the labor force, by migration status, type of migrations, and sex, for the United States, 1940.7

Migration status and type of migration
Number: Total Number: Male Number: Female Percent
52,789,499 39,944,240 12,845,259 100.0 100.0 100.0
44,929,168 34,011,522 10,917,646 85.1 85.1 85.0
Migrants 7,261,507 5,483,314 1,778,193 13.8 13.7 13.8
Migrants within a
4,079,456 3,070,940 1,008,516 7.7 7.7 7.9
Migrants between
contiguous states
1,500,793 1,133,826 366,967 2.8 2.8 2.9
Migrants between
1,681,258 1,278,548 402,710 3.2 3.2 3.1
Immigrants 188,346 136,230 52,116 0.4 0.3 0.4
Migration status not
410,478 313,174 97,304 0.8 0.8 0.8

When doing my math by calculating 5,300. divided by 39,944,240. it was in the negative. So I took 39,944,240 and divided by .0125 percent and got 4,993.00.

This means Kinsey's data he collected, that changed states penal codes and sexual offender laws, were based on less than one quarter of a half percent of the U.S. male population as a whole.  The percentage will be even lower because he only included white males. I don't have census data by race right now. I will have to do research on the census resource page. which will take me a while to learn.

To call this fraud is an understatement. It is the work of a  CHARLATAN. I'd like to know how this could even happen? It makes me especially upset because we are not only talking about the sexual abuse of children being included in Kinsey's research. We are talking about; who Tom Brokaw called the greatest generation. They were maligned as deviants by Kinsey. They were described as no better then a pedophile. These are men who gave their life for this county. What did Kinsey care about? Sex, his deviant sexual appetite was at the root of all of this. It didn't matter who he maligned as long as his data looked the way he wanted it to. I am reading that he didn't even have a real statistician as part of the research. The Rockefeller Foundation who provided the financial resources of his work obviously condoned this lie. No one is going to convince me that the Rockefeller Foundation couldn't do the math on how many people he actually interviewed compared to the total male population. Math in no way is my strong suit and if I can figure this out so could have they.

Can you see how this lying and manipulation could lead to getting pedophilia normalized? It was a dog and pony show.
dog and pony show- an elaborately staged activity, performance, presentation, or event designed to sway or convince people (from a derisive term for a small circus).

What amazes me is that those in Academia didn't protest loudly at that time. I'm not saying some didn't but there was no big upheaval over this. There are those in Academia since that have questioned his work. This article discuss the issues some had with the statistics sampling. It wasn't until Dr. Judith Reisman doggedly pursued Kinsey's research that the whole truth has come out. There are still plenty in Academia who support and praise Kinsey's work. I am glad there are those on the other side that don't just blindly believe what they read but do research into it. It doesn't surprise me that the sampling was so small. IMO, those who are part of the movement to normalize pedophilia apparently are well funded and have power. This doesn't surprise me either. I am thankful for technology that allows information to be shared immediately. This is what is going to help stop the movement to normalize pedophilia. Rosie

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