Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Victim of notorious sex experiments speaks out 'Esther White' interview exposes 'evil' scientific research

This article is an article that discusses a woman who was a victim of Kinsey's child sexual abuse experiments. It is well known that Kinsey used flawed data. He used prisoners and sexual predators as subject for his experiments. He knew full well that when he was collecting data from prisoners and sexual predators they were not representative of the general population. The following is an excerpt from the article:
Kinsey’s research is highly controversial for being based disproportionately on hundreds of interviews with prisoners, sex offenders and prostitutes. Kinsey and his colleagues falsely classified these people as normal World War II-era citizens, leaving the validity of his findings open to question.  But the most infamous – indeed, criminal – aspect of Kinsey’s research involved what is first revealed in black and white in Tables 30 to 34 of his landmark 1948 book, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.”
These tables record how long it took for children to achieve “orgasm” and how many “orgasms” they were able to achieve over a period of minutes or hours.  Hundreds of innocent boys suffered at the hands of pedophiles to compile this data.
The victim uses the pseudo name Ester White. She describes her father using a time clock while he was sexually abusing her. One time a paper fell from the dresser and she was able to see what it was. It had a check off list of what "type" of experiments to do on victims. The only reason her father stopped sexually abusing her is that her mother caught her father. her mother got furious and threw her father out. He was able to talk his way back into his family. Ester was able to find her voice when he tried to abuse her by telling him she'd tell her mother. I found the video of the BBC special
Kinseys pedophiles. It explains the research that went into proving that Kinsey used pedophiles to sexually abuse children in order to do is research.

What I have found so weird is that when his books were released and his research on children's sexuality is addressed, why the heck didn't people question how he gathered his research? Why didn't people question who gathered the research? It is obvious if you are doing research into children's sexuality then you some how have to have access to children to sexually abuse. Can you see how Kinsey played a role in the normalization of pedophilia. 
This article goes into detail on the role Kinsey played in helping to normalize pedophilia.
In the book Kinsey: Crime and Consequences, Kinsey expert Dr. Judith Reisman estimates that 86% of the data collected by Kinsey was based on the self-observations and journal entries of previously incarcerated criminals and sexual deviates.
  According to Knight, “Kinsey’s work was a thinly disguised attempt to misuse science to justify his own prolific sexual appetites and practices, which included group sex, homosexual sadomasochism, voyeurism, wife-swapping and his support for the idea of adult-child sex.”
  Dr. Charles Socarides, a psychiatrist who dedicated most of his career to the study of homosexuality, wrote that the “[American Psychiatric Association] rationale for removing homosexuality from the list of mental disorders relied heavily on the work of Alfred Kinsey and his belief in the normality of homosexuality. … The Kinsey Report has had in several ways a severe and damaging delayed impact on our sexual mores, especially as they pertain to homosexuality.”
Those who are pro-pedophilia talk about the fact that they are using the same tactics to push their agenda to normalize pedophilia as were used to normalize homosexuality. I encourage you to do your own research and not to solely rely on my words. I don't think this topic is covered enough. People need to know that their is a movement to normalize pedophilia. I believe that if more people were aware their can be a large movement against the normalization of pedophilia.  Please join me in ending the movement to normalize pedophilia. Thank you, Rosie

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