Friday, March 16, 2012

The truth about Alfred Kinsey/YouTube

I found a site when doing some research into Kinsey and his affect on the normalization of pedophilia and found this article. This site Concerned Women For America was started:
In order to reveal what the film Kinsey is leaving out, Concerned Women for America constructed this Web page as a resource for writers, editors, academics, activists and people who are just curious about what Kinsey was really about.
The page is good and the information is based on research by Dr. Reisman. This woman is a  hurricane. She has worked very hard to get the word out on the destruction of Kinsey's research. She has been exposing the truth about Kinsey for 30 years. I am sure that at first she was looked at like she was crazy. No one has challenged Kinsey's research to the extent and consistence that Dr. Reisman has. She is a Media Forensic specialist and is a force to be reckoned with. Her dogged approach has brought to light many of the atrocities that Kinsey was involved with. The site explains that:
Kinsey's work has been instrumental in advancing acceptance of pornography, homosexuality, abortion, and condom-based sex education, and his disciples even today are promoting a view of children as "sexual beings." Their ultimate goal: to normalize pedophilia, or "adult-child sex.
This is what my research is showing. That Kinsey and his research is directly related to the movement to normalize pedophilia. I have a page on YouTube that helps to get the word out on this topic. Tonight when I went there I received a message from a There is a video on YouTube called How Sex Offender Registries Fail Us. I listened to and watched the video. It was very biased toward the sex offender. The stories that are shared are about a couple who were dating in their teens and had consensual sex. The girls parents called the police and the young man got arrested because the girl was 15. While I empathize with this dilemma that has been faced by young teens. I believe the purpose of the video was to help promote the agenda to normalize pedophilia.

I say this because I found out about the video when I was on boychat. If you follow my other blog you know I go to boychat, one of the many pedophile chat forums where pedophile talk to each other. I do this to get the word out on what these pedophiles are talking about and how skewed their views are. I make videos about what they say and post them to my YouTube account. I have found out about investigations into the take down of pedophile rings from the pedophiles themselves. After listening to this video I drew the conclusion that this video was part of the propaganda to normalize pedophilia. They are doing this by playing on the sympathies of the adults who were on the registry because when they were teens they had sex with peers who were younger. Who wouldn't have some sympathy/empathy to a situation like that. Kids do make stupid decisions and there are those who are on the sexual offender registry because they had sex with people who were months younger than them.

The reality is that in gaining sympathy to their plight it helps gain sympathy for a pedophile who is on the sexual offender registry. If you feel sympathy for one person on the registry the idea is that you will feel sympathy for all. Playing on our sympathies is one way to get us to help promote the agenda that the sexual offender registry fails us. Not one story in this video discusses pedophilia directly. There is no mention of pedophiles on the sexual offender registry. I decided to leave a comment on this and explain my belief that is is propaganda to help normalize pedophilia. I got responses that were cordial. This evening I received a response from this Duke of Anarchy this is the comment he left me:
@Rosieforchange You're fighting against progress and against civilization you stupid bitch.
My response back to him was:
 @DukeofAnarchy If you call progress ending the age of consent laws I for one will continue the fight. The Normalization of Pedophilia has been going on since Kinsey and there are those of us who will keep up the fight to protect children. If you want to have a adult, mature, conversation fine but there is no reason to use words that you are using.
It is obvious to me that Duke Of Anarchy is invested in this topic here are some more of his comments on this video to others.

@yojimbo81 I prefer that RAPISTS should be harshly punished. If by "child molesters" you mean adults who participate in consensual sexual activity with children, such people should be left to live in peace.
@DeepestCoconuts I would have no problem with my 15 year old daughter having sex with a 40 year old. Nor should anyone else. There is no reason for your view, it's pure prejudice.

@SkullOfYorick Forbidding consensual sex on the basis that you think "twelve is too young to have sex" is just imposing a (stupid and backward) moral opinion. It is not about protecting anyone.

@Keeban3 "Obviously you'd think a ten year old shouldn't be able to give consent" No I bloody well don't. The average ten year old is certainly able to give consent. With six year olds it's at least arguable that they can't. I wouldn't object to the age of consent if it was set at something reasonable like 5 or 6, but the point is that the present laws are absolutely indefensible and based on bigotry, not on evidence and reason.
@yojimbo81 The only "legit" sex offenders are rapists.
@Loathomar "If a 50 year old man can convince a 13 year old girl to willingly have sex with him, should that be legal?"

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