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1940's Era

While doing research into Kinsey I decided to look at what was happening historically at that time of his "research" I use that term loosely. I think in order to understand how Kinsey was able to pull off his dog and pony show it will help to know was happening in the US historically and politically. To be honest I am becoming more educated on this topic and am learning myself the historical and political issues that were happening that allowed Kinsey to get away with what he did. I found this web site  It gives a wonderful overview of 1940. I posted the page here.

One of my sons is following this blog. He isn't happy realizing that Kinsey was part of the normalization of pedophilia. He is enjoying learning what was happening at the time in context to Kinsey and his "research" and it's impact on the US. He especially can't believe the miniscule statistics that created the significant change in laws across the whole US. It made me think that addressing the history and social climate of the US as the normalization of pedophilia began and moved forward, will bring to life what Kinsey really did. How Kinsey would be able to label the greatest generation, deviants and get away with it. This lead me to think about comparing the population as a whole against the population in prisons for sexual offenses. It will show what the percentage was and it will show the real statistic that Kinsey used to help change the moral penal code in the US. The geek in me is becoming very fulfilled working on this blog. I honestly love doing research and I love learning and I am thoroughly enjoying being able to educate on the movement to normalize pedophile so we can learn what we need to do to stop it. Rosie


If you were born in 1940, you were one of 2,360,399 babies who were born in the U.S. that year. 1940 was the beginning of the Cold War; babies born in that year were called war babies.  In 1940 the life expectancy was 68.2 for females and 60.8 for males. America was still struggling to emerge from a depression that had already stretched to a full decade.  You were born into a home where the approximate income was $1,900.00.  The average cost of a house in 1940 was $6,550.00.   Following are some interesting facts about your birth year.

    In The Year 1940

  • Population in 1940 - 132,122,000

  • Unemployment in 1940 - 8,120,000

  • National Debt $43 Billion

  • Average Annual Income Salary $1,900.00

  • Minimum Wage $.30 per hour
  • Number of babies born in 1940 - 2,360,399

  • Infant Death Rate 47 for every 1000 babies born  

Major World Events in 1940

U.S. Events in 1940

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Harry S. Truman
Vice President

  • FDR is elected to a third term

  • The Lend-Lease Act passes, allowing the United States to help Britain fight World War Two

  • The first Social Security benefit checks are paid out (Jan 30)

  • Supreme Court decides blacks do have a right to vote

  • Selective Service Act signed

  • Philip Murray replaces John L. Lewis as CIO president

  • Ford Motor Strike

  • The Pennsylvania Turnpike opens. It is the first multilane U.S. superhighway

  • The first Los Angeles freeway opens (the Pasadena Freeway)

Cost of Living in 1940







Electric Washers


Gallon of Gas


First Class Stamp


Loaf of Bread


Gallon of Milk
Dozen Eggs

Popular Movies in 1940

Academy Awards

 1.  The Philadelphia Story

 2.  The Grapes of Wrath

 3.  Rebecca

 4.  His Girl Friday
 5.  Fantasia
 6.  Pinocchio
 7.  The Great Dictator
 8.  The Westerner
 9.  The Thief of Baghdad
10. The Road to Singapore
  • Best Picture: "Rebecca"

  • Best Director: John Ford ... "The Grapes of Wrath"

  • Best Actor: James Stewart ... "The Philadelphia Story"

  • Best Actress: Ginger Rogers ... "Kitty Foyle"

Actors Born in 1940

 Well Known People Born in 1940

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Holiday Pages

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