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This is another good article that explains in great detail how corrupt Kinsey was. I'm not meaning to stay so focused on Kinsey. Since he was the start of so much moral decay in this country I think I need to focus on him and the impact he has had on everything. This includes: sexual education, changing penal codes across the US,  and promoting deviant behavior, to name a few. I am doing a ton of research on Kinsey and how his lies have affected  a lot of what we all accept or have accepted as just part of our culture. We need to make sure to know what has lead to the movement to normalize pedophilia. In learning what took place to get the movement where it is will help those of us who want to stop it. We will have the knowledge to argue against those promoting it. Truth and data, empirical data is how we can argue against what those who wish to promote this deviant agenda.

I found this web site that looks at the changing of sex in a century. I thought it would be interesting to post what the article lists.
Sex in a century
Over the decades, American attitudes toward sex have changed greatly. At the beginning of the 20th century, most people simply didn’t discuss the topic. Today, sex is freely talked about even on TV and radio shows. Here are some milestones.
1905: In his work “Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality,” Austrian scientist Sigmund Freud writes that our sexual drive is responsible for what we do, why we do it and even who we are. Differences in personalities originate in childhood sexual experiences, he theorizes.

1916: Margaret Sanger opens the first U.S. birth control clinic. She also underwrites research that leads to the development of the birth control pill.
1940s and ‘50s: Alfred Kinsey surveys men and women about sexual behavior. The resulting books become bestsellers, beginning a national discussion of behavior previously discussed only in private.
1957: Evelyn Hooker releases a study contending that well-adjusted gay people have no more psychopathology than heterosexual people.
1960: The Food and Drug Administration approves the birth control pill.
1966: Building on Kinsey’s work, William Masters, a gynecologist, and Virginia Johnson, a psychology researcher, publish their findings of sexual activity observed in a laboratory in the book “Human Sexual Response.” Their work leads to a new field: sex therapy.
1969: Dr. David Reuben publishes his bestselling sex manual, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask)”; the book inspires a 1972 Woody Allen movie of the same name.
1972: “The Joy of Sex” by Dr. Alex Comfort is the first explicit book about sex. Less clinical than Masters and Johnson’s work, it includes information on oral sex, sexual positions, bondage and swinging.
1973: Homosexuality is removed as a sexual deviation from the American Psychiatric Assn.’s manual of mental health disorders.
1976: Sex researcher Sherry Hite publishes “The Hite Report: A Nationwide Survey of Female Sexuality,” which argued that many women were not sexually satisfied.
1980: Sex educator Ruth Westheimer, or “Dr. Ruth,” launches the radio show “Sexually Speaking,” which emphasizes sex education. It opens the door to other sex-related TV and radio programs.
1998: Food and Drug Administration approves Viagra for impotence in men.
2004: “Kinsey” movie is released, with actor Liam Neeson playing Kinsey.
One of the things that happened with the movie "Kinsey" coming out in 2004 is that it generated conversation on Kinsey again. I have found numerous articles from 2004 discussing Kinsey, his fraud, the film, those who praise Kinsey's research, and those who feel that Kinsey had an agenda and was a pedophile himself. In doing research for this blog post I came across the movie "The Kinsey Syndrome." I have uploaded it to this blog. It is the original movie that Good Fight Ministries put out in September 2011. I know it is long but it is an important piece of the history of how it was possible for Kinsey to get away with promoting his agenda for so long. How this agenda still affects our culture today and how it has shaped a revolution that has at its heart to, normalize pedophilia. Knowledge is Power and we need all the power we can get. Those who promote this agenda have had years and years practice on how to promote it. I am going to have to make up for lost time in order to be part of the movement to stop this diabolical, earth shattering, soul stealing and evil agenda. Please join me, Rosie

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