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What Was The Reece Committee?

In doing further research into Kinsey and his role in the normalization of pedophilia. I decided to focus on the Reece committee. I found this paper Philanthropy and the American Regime:
Is It Time for Another Congressional Investigation of Tax-Exempt Foundations? The author of the paper is By John Fonte, Ph.D. Senior Fellow Hudson Institute. It is an interesting article and I am learning more about the Reece Committee. According to this article the reason the Reece Committee was because philanthropy was being investigated. There was concern that big philanthropy was not working for the greater good but to push their agenda. Here is an excerpt from the article:
The investigation focused on the major foundations, or what could be
called Big Philanthropy: Rockefeller, Ford, the Carnegie Corporation, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Essentially, the report charged them with “undermining”the American Regime, declaring:
 “With several tragically outstanding exceptions, such as The Institute of Pacific Relations, foundations have not directly supported organizations which, in turn, operated to support Communism. However, some of the larger foundations have directly supported ‘subversion’ in the true meaning of that term, namely the process of undermining some of our vitally protective concepts and principles. They have actively supported attacks upon our social and governmental system and financed the promotion of socialism and collectivist ideas.” ( p. 4 )
This is my concern with the Rockefeller Foundation supporting Kinsey. Kinsey's whole premise was to change moral standards in this country. He wanted to help society change into a more deviant society where harming children for one's on sexual gratification was considered acceptable. Where lying that 10% of the population was homosexual which wasn't true at all. I found an article that explains the percentage of homosexuals in the U.S. It is estimated that as of 2009 homosexuals account for 2-4% of the population. In the late 40's and early 50's it was much less because the U.S. wasn't as populated as it is now. This lying about homosexuality played a large role in the gay rights movement. Something I will talk about in later posts on this blog. Lying about how many married couples cheated on their spouses. In my research I have found Kinsey's numbers for extramarital affairs was 50% by age 40 for males and around 26% by age 40 for females. What gets lost in these numbers were that almost all of those involved with his study were; deviants, sexually abused children, prostitutes, pedophiles, sexual offenders, incarcerated, etc. This was in no way an accurate representation of "normal" people in our society. Not to mention Hugh Hefner starting Playboy Magazine and the sexual revolution. All of these things based on lies I'm not even going to say faulty numbers I believe they were out and out lies.

Another thing the Reece Committee found is that:
 At the end of the day, the Reece Committee presented an intellectual and cultural critique of Big Philanthropy, charging some of the larger foundations (Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie) with violating their public trust as tax-exempt institutions by supporting projects undermining the
American Regime.
The foundations, in Rene Wormser’s words, represented an “elite” in “control of gigantic financial resources ….willing and able to shape the future of this nation and mankind in the image of its own values concept,” which, he insisted, differed from the
value system of the American way of life. (p. 6)

This was in 1954 I think the same could be said of "Big Philanthropy" today. Even after Rockefeller stopped Kinsey's funding in 1956. They flowed money into changing the Moral Penal Code across this Country. Even though they knew that Kinsey's statistics were wrong. They kept up with their agenda. I am not one for conspiracy theories but I am leaning toward them at this point when it comes to the normalization of pedophilia. Why would Rockefeller do this? We would have to ask his foundation. At this point until I do more research I won't guess. I am sure as I do more research I will learn why.

Another good point of this article is that:
 At that time in the mid-1950s, the foundations were able to successfully ignore the philosophical issues raised by the Congress. (p. 8)
So even after the Reece Committee found that "Big Philanthropy" was lying, being untrustworthy, and moving their own agendas they just ignored any concerns that Congress had. I know the answer to this question already. Why? Because of money, money talks unfortunately. There were changes happening already to change morality in the Country. By 1953 Playboy's first edition came out and an industry was born. There was big money to be made from this industry. This is especially true today.

 The Reece committee charged the foundations with bias in support of “moral relativism.” (p.4)
I found the web site  Their belief on moral relativism:
According to moral relativism, it makes no sense to ask the abstract question whether a given act is good or bad. According to moral relativism, there is no goodness or badness in the abstract; there is only goodness or badness within a specified context. An act may thus be good for one person but bad for another, or good in one cultural setting but bad in another, but cannot be either good or bad full stop.
If moral relativism is true, therefore, then we should not ask whether an act is good or bad in the abstract, but only whether it is good or bad in a particular situation.
Sounds like the argument for Hugh Hefner to start Playboy. Supports an argument for the homosexuality movement and the sexual revolution. Also sounds like an argument for the normalization of pedophilia. It amazes me many people or organizations that are pro-pedophilia write papers and give lectures on how a sexual relationship between children and adults is okay. For instance  has a treasure trove of resources on this topic.  

The Reece Committee:
 declared that in the name of an amoral social science, human subjects were mistreated as “guinea pigs” in the deeply flawed Rockefeller-funded Kinsey Report (p. 5)
I couldn't agree more. This also supports my theory that if Kinsey didn't create his death in 1956 after loosing Rockefeller funding. His research would have been found to be fraudulent I believe by 1960. There were those in the Congress like the Reece Committee that were concerned about the damage Kinsey's fraudulent research would have on families. Unfortunately they were right. Rosie

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