Monday, March 12, 2012

My Beef With You Tube

I have been making videos on YouTube for about six weeks. I decided to put some videos together of conversation threads I found on boychat. Some of these thread discussions allow me the opportunity to educate on how pedophiles think, how skewed their thought processes are and how they take no responsibility for their actions. I created a video the other night. The video was about a site I found that had the video called The Genius And The Boys - Carleton Gajdusek. I found this story because it was discussed on boy chat. Carlton Gajdusek was a Nobel Prize winner in 1976 for his finding of prions. The cause of mad cows disease. Carlton Gajdusek was a pedophile. The pedophiles on boy chat were discussing him like he was a hero. Being an intelligent articulate person who does great things doesn't justify the sexual abuse of children.

This video was uploaded by someone's You Tube site called Kanal von filmovion. After I watched this documentary it dawned on me to check out the other videos on Kanal von filmovion's site. I suspected that he/she had other videos on pedophilia. I was right. There are a total of ten videos two of Carlton Gajdusek,one in English one in German. There were seven others that were stories of adult's who were involved with children. The last one was a video that was about boys and had a ton of boys in it. I honestly didn't watch these. I did click through them to make sure what I thought was right. While these were not videos that depicted sex between adults and children. They were purely stories that are part of the agenda to normalize pedophilia. Making pedophiles likeable, kind, sincere, funny, etc.  This is a way to de-sentize us about pedophilia. It is also a way to de-stigmatize pedophiles and make people feel empathy for them.

I decided to do a video about this and show people on YouTube that IMO Kanal von filmovion's site was put up just to promote pedophilia. I video taped this site and the link from boychat. In Carlton Gajdusek's documentary he does discuss pedophilia and having sex with children. He also makes a bold statement that inter generational sex is what will keep families together. And families that don't share this are deprived. When he is discussing this on the film he shows a picture of his interpretation. Mind you this video has been upload onto YouTube for 2 months. As I made my video I discuss this. I don't show the picture of his interpretation. I discuss his audacity to believe that families who don't do this are deprived and how much that disgusts me. I finished the video and uploaded it to YouTube. The next morning when I went to my YouTube site the video was tagged as inappropriate and rejected. I know it was up and people watched it because I received comments on it. I got a violation letter that will be on my site for the next 6 months. I firmly believe that this video was tagged as inappropriate by the pedophiles themselves. The irony is that the video of Carlton Gajdusek's that shows this picture and his discussion of his pedophilia has been on YouTube for 2 months. So to be honest I flagged it. And it is still up. My video gets taken down and I get a violation for trying to get the word out that there are pedophiles on YouTube who purposely put up videos that have to do with pedophilia and I am the wrong person here. That doesn't make sense to me.

This is a big problem on YouTube. All I have to do to know this is to look on pedophile chat boards and read (if I can stomach it) the comments the pedophiles make on videos from YouTube they discuss. They treat these videos like they are pornography. YouTube knows they do it and IMO doesn't do enough to stop it. I believe that a child under the age of 18 shouldn't be allowed to upload a video of themselves without a parents permission. The parent should have to watch a video on the risks they take by allowing this upload or uploading videos of their children themselves. These risks should CLEARLY discuss pedophiles and that they look at videos of children on YouTube and how these types of videos are used by pedophiles to sexually gratify themselves. I think if YouTube did this more parents would make their videos private or only allow people they give access to the video to see it. That IMO would prevent children from being sexualized by pedophiles on YouTube. I completely understand that it wouldn't stop this problem all together. There are several young children who are trying to become known like Justin Bieber on YouTube. They have followers and a fan base and YouTube is a platform to help children become known in the industry. The reality is that the pedophiles watched Justin Bieber's videos and they still discuss them in their chat rooms.

If I didn't do my research into how child sexual abuse and ritual abuse were "debunked" I would have never have been in this position to help educate on the evils of pedophilia. Thanks for stopping by, Rosie


  1. I absolutly agree that there is a problem with YouTube's moral standards. I have also been flagged and I also believe it is paedophiles who have flagged me. I was flagged for criticising a man for uploading a video which I found morally repugnant. I have flagged videos which I think YouTube should not allow on their site, for example, one which shows two naked babies, and a disgusting man called Bumhole making remarks about what he would like to do to the children. Another that I flagged is of a man having a sexual relationship with his dog. The last time I checked both those videos are still up, despite me not only contacting YouTube to complain, but also the FBI.

  2. Hi Zoompad,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I remember the YT video where the man talks about giving pleasure to his dog. You talked about it on your blog so I went to check it out. I'll have to check out this bumhole and his remarks. I appreciate your sharing your experience. Stop by anytime. Rosie