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Rockefeller Foundation which earmarked funds for sex “research.”

I thought I would talk about the Rockefeller Foundation and it's affiliation with the social sciences and their relationship with sexuality and Kinsey. I found the following website where the information below is from:
The basic story of the Rockefeller Foundation is well-known. As part of the "Gospel of Wealth" philosophy embraced by many of the great business tycoons of the late 1800s and early 1900s, people like Mellon, Rockefeller, and Carnegie created philanthropic organizations to influence positively the increasingly industrial society they had helped create. Rockefeller's benefactions were wide-ranging, including projects in the medical and natural sciences, public health, and the general humanities. A special focus of Rockefeller's philanthropic interest, however, was the burgeoning of the fields of social science. J. D. Rockefeller felt that if the new fields of political science, economics, sociology, and the like were only as well-established as the natural sciences and could discover the basic laws of society, the further acquisition of new knowledge that would result could ultimately be used to improve the conditions of human life around the planet. The problem was that a chronic lack of funds in these new academic disciplines hampered practical research efforts and made their increasingly theoretical work more "remote from pressing current problems" (Rockefeller Foundation, 1933a, p. 38). For this reason, a major focus of Rockefeller's new Foundation, and especially its allied philanthropy, the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Fund, was the promotion of the social sciences. These groups sought to accomplish this goal by using a few standard techniques.
First and foremost in the early years of the Foundation was the development of several university centers of social science research in various parts of the world. The stated goal of this practice was creating "an easy interchange of faculty and students engaged in the study of common problems," and "securing recognition from university administrators that research facilities and opportunities are essential for the social sciences" Not only would the non-academic world profit from the practical research thus spawned, but the indirect values of such a program were seen as nothing less than the "creation of international understanding and good will"(Rockefeller Foundation, 1933a, p. 39).
Dr. Robert S. Morrison was the head of the Medical Division of the Rockefeller Foundation when the foundation was involved with Kinsey and his "flawed" research. In reading about this foundation they had their hands all across the world. They were especially interested in the social sciences (sexuality) and helped fund Margaret Mead with her research on human sexuality. She was doing research into human sexuality at least 25 plus years before Kinsey. The following site explains what the Rockefeller Foundation spent funding on.
The National Research Council and the Medical Division of the Rockefeller Foundation provided thousands of dollars towards studies in sexual physiology and behavior. The Rockefeller Foundation initially helped to organize and fund the American Social Hygiene Association in 1913 to alter public attitudes regarding prostitution, and to work for birth control and other social reforms. During the 1920s faulty research, designed to satisfy a specific agenda, was produced by Margaret Mead and others “while misleading the West with effusive claims about the supposedly positive, happy nature of wildly promiscuous ‘primitive’ sexuality.” [xiii]

 Dr. Robert S. Morison, head of the Medical Division of the Foundation explained to Wells, when asked, that the reason he was invited was because of the wide spread influence of Kinsey’s work which now appeared in the newest and best gynecology book for medical students. “You’re here because we consider the Institute financing one of the most significant things we ever did.” [xiv]
From my research it seems that the Rockefeller Foundation was trying make Kinsey into a rock star in the world of sexuality. They wanted the Kinsey Institute to be the most influential organization on human sexuality.  Even though they stopped funding Kinsey in the mid 50's the Kinsey Institute has been the extremely influential on the topic of human sexuality. They were investing a lot of money. Some web sites say over $100,000 a year to support Kinsey's research. It wasn't until Kinsey's research started to become questioned in the mid 50's that they stopped funding him. If his research wasn't been challenged they would probably still be funding the institute today. IMO the movement to normalize pedophilia may already have accomplished what it set out to accomplish. I don't want to think of the type of world we would live in if that happened

I found the following information from the Rockefeller Foundation Annual Report from 1946. The report states that the Rockefeller Foundation gave $120,000 to Kinsey for his research.
In addition to the general grant described above, the sum of $120,000 has been allocated to the NationalResearch Council for the work of Dr. Alfred C, Kinsey, of Indiana University, over a three-year period. The group under Dr. Kinsey has for eight years been engaged in a case-history study on human sex behavior, through the use of interviews with persons selected to provide a cross section of the country. Over 10,000 anonymous histories are in the files at Indiana University. All sections of the United States have been covered, although about 50 per cent are in the Middle West. The case histories include all ages from three years to over
70; whites and Negroes; Protestants, Catholics and Jews; members of various occupational classes, including students, laborers, clerical workers, business personnel, professional men and denizens of the underworld.© 2003
 The small-sample technique used calls for a statistically adequate sample of each of the several segments which constitute the population, and a subdivision on the basis of the factors which most obviously affect the
behavior of the group. Dr. Kinsey has found that patterns
of sexual behavior are modified by at least n factors: sex, race-cultural group background, age, marital status, educational background, occupation class (social prestige of occupation) of subject, occupational
class of parent, rural-urban background, religious group, degree of adherence to the religious group and age at onset of adolescence.
The findings of this research project are to be reported in a series of books, the first volume of which will probably appear within the next year. An extensive library for use in the research has been accumulated, and many persons working in medicine and psychiatry, recognizing the unique quality of the collection, are lending their efforts to help make it the leading library in the field.
 It seems the Rockefeller Foundation was proud of the work that Kinsey was doing. They didn't question his results even though they had access to his research. To my knowledge they have never apologized for their role in supporting Kinsey's research on children. It is well known at this point that Kinsey used pedophiles to do his research on child sexuality. Why they would even think that studying how often a child organisms would be helpful. Didn't it occur to them that children shouldn't be having sex? They have helped the pro-pedophilia movement by supporting research that promoted that children are sexual beings and can consent to a sexual relationship with an adult. I know that Dr. Reisman is working to find the survivors of column 34. This is the research on the children who were sexually abused as part of Kinsey's research. I hope when she find them they make the decision to sue not only the Kinsey Institute but the Rockefeller Foundation for their role in perpetration their sexual abuse. If this happens I will make sure to discuss it on this blog. Rosie

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