Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dr. Fritz Bernard Pedophilia Unbound: Theory, Research, Practice

I came across the paper:
Pedophilia Unbound:
Theory, Research, Practice
Translation of
Pädophilie ohne Gretzen: Theoria, Forschung, Praxis
© 1997 by Foerster Verlag, 432 pages in the original German
Dr. Frits Bernard, Editor(1920-2006)
Dr. Bernard was a strong advocate for the pro-pedophilia movement (aka the movement to normalize pedophilia). In this paper Dr. Bernard discusses how the movement started and the support he got as the movement was happening. The following statement discusses the pro-pedophilia movement receiving support from the pro-homosexuality movement:
In 1960 I went to America, where I formed alliances with prominent personalities of the New York homosexual movement, with the intention of obtaining support for the Enclave's goals. I was received enthusiastically, and the results of the trip were very promising.
Harry Hay was most likely the person in New York that he formed alliances with. I will discuss Harry Hay in later blog posts. Right now I am focusing in on the beginning history and people involved in the movement to normalize pedophilia. Dr. Bernards support of this movement went as far back as the 1950's:
 Efforts towards the emancipation of pedophiles began in the 1950s in Holland with the rise of the "Enclave" movement, which brought pedophiles into correspondence with one another, both within and outside of Holland. In 1958 Enclave also became an international publisher, particularly focused on pedophilic books.

Dr. Bernard started and promoted the "Enclave movement." He did this to promote his pro-pedophilia movement. He was trying to get people to understand pedophiles. He wanted people to have sympathy and empathize with them. He was trying to promote the "love" pedophiles have for children and the need for children to experience sexual relationships with older men. He believed that what he was saying was true. Dr. Bernard tried hard to educate the NVSH on his pro-pedophilia beliefs. NVSH is the Dutch Society for Sexual Reform:
 For a long time, the NVSH had objections to pedophilia. However following the conference "The States Moralizer," in the year 1969, its attitude toward pedophilia slowly began to change. The old structure of the preexisting organization disappeared, a process of democratization took place, and it became easier for a new, growing movement to raise the level of understanding. The by-laws of the organization were undergoing some changes. At the beginning of 1970, a number of prominent members came together to discuss a program on the subject of pedophilia.
 I did a lot of research into Dr. Bernard and almost all of the research I found was from those involved in the pro-pedophilia movement to name a few:

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