Monday, April 16, 2012

Pedophiles are using a young boy on YouTube to push their agenda

I am very frustrated with something that goes on, on YouTube. I am so surprised that the mainstream
media doesn't pick up on this. I want to share a story. When I was doing research the other night on boychat I found a link to a video on YouTube. The video is of a 14 year old boy who discusses his belief that evil unveiled must be stopped. Evil Unveiled is a site that keeps track of pedophiles. This is a site that pedophiles are furious about because they feel they are being unfairly ostracized. A little over a month earlier the same boy did another video and it was about pedophilia. Under this video it says:

As suggested by 87emster

This means that whoever this 87emster is he is who suggested that this boy post a video discussing pedophilia. I am thinking this was because the boy was trying to figure out ways to get his videos noticed and talking about pedophilia would be a controversial topic and would generate conversation and video views. That video is his most viewed video with over 16,000 views. Another reason could also be because 87emster is aware of the amount of pedophiles on YouTube. If this is true then he knew that if the boy discussed his support for pedophilia that would generate views by the pedophiles who are very organized on YouTube. Once the pedophiles shared this video with each other it would generate a lot of video views. The pedophiles support of the video would then lead to those who try to keep the pedophiles off of children's channels; anti's as we are called. This would then generate more comments and more video views. It seems only logical that this boy would do a video on evil unveiled needing to be stopped because he had gotten so many video views from his other pedophilia video. Doing a video on a site that pedophiles hate would generate more video views then his first pedophile video. Pedophiles hate anyone who is an anti. Hence why they don't like the web site evil unveiled.

When I read the posts on boychat that went along with the discussion of the boys video I felt I needed to do something. I made the video below.

I worked on it and posted it late on Friday evening. I wanted  people to be aware that the pedophiles were using this boy.  It was pretty obvious when I viewed the boys video comments who the pedophiles were and who the anti's were. The anti's try hard to protect children on YouTube. Pedophiles aka boy lovers or girl lovers have pages that are videos of either boys, or girls. They make disgusting comments on children's videos and sometimes they frighten the children or parents.

It stands to reason that pedophiles will be on YouTube. Their only community of acceptance is on-line. That is where their forums and chat rooms are. They have access to millions of videos of boys and girls on YT. It is just disgusting that YouTube doesn't do more to protect children from these predators. Pedophiles groom, harass and intimidate children on YouTube. There isn't enough known as to the numbers of pedophiles who are on YouTube. What is known is that they are very organized and once they let each other know of a video they all pounce. They always share videos from YT of boys with each other on boychat. I am sure that this is done on plenty of other boy lover sites. It also happens on girl lover sites.

When the anti- ped's tried to warn this boy that he was being used by the pedophiles he didn't want to hear about it. He actually told them to shut the hell up. I honestly think he is very overwhelmed and feels upset with the anti-ped's. He states he is mad because anti-ped's don't think he can think for himself and they are condescending toward him. Meanwhile the pedophiles are praising this boy up one side and down the other and he is eating their praise up. This boy is in way over his head and I hope he get away from them. It will be hard though. Now he is known as a pedophile hero. His video has been plastered all over cyberspace. Even if he takes his video down it it won't matter. He will end up being in  pedophilia literature and will be forever known as a 14 year old boy who supported pedophilia. They don't care if his association with them ruins his future. All they care about is that he made a video that supported their agenda. The agenda to normalize pedophilia. We live in a scary word. Children deserve to be protected.

I have cut and pasted some of the discussion threads on his video. Those in red are the pedophiles and the blue is the anti-ped's. Yellow is the boys comments and white is one a commenter from some of his other videos. Please pass this post along to other so that they can know what is going on, on You Tube. Thank you, Rosie

  • The comments here prove that absolutely anything can be twisted and used to support widely different views. Same video, yet it is being used as an example for both side who have polar opposite views. A good example of extreme emotions causing distorted perceptions. Oh, and oddly enough, the young man in this video puts forward a more mature and logical view than most of the adult commenter's here.
  • It's easy to compare pedophilia to homosexuality but the difference is the outcome of one's desires. When a gay person first comes out there can be a change of behaviour and loosening of standards that lead problems like aids. If the guy meets the right person he can avoid these many of these problems. The support and sex help him achieve balance. When a pedophile co,es out and goes to forums for support there is a similar change of behaviour...
  • ..suddenly he finds support and justification for his feelings. Unlike the gay guy he finds no outlet for his desires. If he is not careful he gets caught up in the idea that he should be able to have sex with minors and others encourage that. The converted are supporting themselves. If he hasn't offended he is probably more likely to after getting support...
  • Evil -Unveiled and others watch these boards and monitor who chats with who. If the new guy is getting mixed up with known predators he will likely be listed on their site.
  • It should be kept in mind that this young man has not actually advocated any major social changes.
    (1.) He has not advocated either abolishing or lowering the age of consent.
    (2.) He has not advocated the legalisation of anything that is currently classed as child pornography.
    (3.) He has not advocated for the lessening of penalties for any class of law breaker.
    (4.) He has not made any assertion that sexual relations between adults and minors isn't wrong.
    He is not the servant of anyagenda
  • Oh God, thank you!
  • You're welcome. & thank you for putting up such thoughtful and intelligent vids.
  • Reasonable people can see that. I'm afraid, though, that your comments are falling on deaf ears. By saying something completely true and harmless about paedophiles, iliketheinternet has done something which is (unfortunately) special, because almost everyone else is scared to do the same. The effect? He's invoked the "argue train" of pedo's and anti's that rolls over the internet, from place to place, and that are polluting normal discussions with their bitchfights.
  • Yes. That the argument collapses into mudslinging is something of an inevitability, sadly.
  • Thanks. Let the light of rationality shine!
  • Says Roderik who has his own page on Evil Unveiled. This is a biased comment and pure manipulation.
  • He may not be a servant of any agenda but you are including him in yours. You and the others pour on the moral support and subscribe and get him views and subscribers. That is a tactic used by predators to influence kids. He'll see through it.
    You and others are teaming up, subscribing to each other, and presenting your ideas like a lobby group. That is manipulation.
  • I haven't exchanged ideas with anyone. I'm not a part of any lobbying group. I don't know any of the other commentators on this vid. I, for one, have certainly not attempted to exert any form of influence on this young man. & i am damn sure not a predator. I have never violated any sex crimes law.
    You are doing a good job of proving this videos point. You guys are are nothing but a bunch of vigilantes who will go after anyone that you don't like. Actual guilt is not a concern.
  • [Yawn] Illegality doesn't necessarily equate to immorality, and vice versa. In some countries, homosexuality is still illegal. Do you see?
  • The same medieval practices you quote are used by you pedophiles when quoting underage marriages taking place in these countries. You are transparent.
  • I was merely implying that legality shouldn't be our sole moral compass.
  • Look pedophile, we still live in a society. Legality is more than a moral compass. Laws are written taking in consideration morals, science and safety issues as well. We all know pedophilia will never be accepted in our society because proper parents will not allow adults to abuse their children. Keep dreaming with your animal instinct driven paradise where adults are free to abuse children.
  • Freedom of thought - freedom of speech - freedom from fear - freedom from persecution - freedom to be human. An excellent video!
  • But not freedom to have sex with non-consenting minors.
  • Freedom of thought - freedom of speech - freedom from fear - freedom from persecution - freedom to be human. An excellent video!
  • You'll never have freedom to have your way with prepubescent children. You'll never have freedom to jerk off to pictures of raped children, either. Doesn't that inconvenient little truth hurt you something absolutely ferocious?
  • When you look at people's channels and accuse them of being predators based on what they've been watching, THAT is witch hunting and is exactly what you did.
    If you & your fellow PJers refuse to allow honest debate, then yes, the comments should be closed down. But you guys keep marking perfectly valid comments as spam or thumbing them down until they disappear.
    If you want to comment on the subject, make a video of your own. Don't crap on this bright, articulate kid's very well done one.
  • It doesn't require too much brains to conclude oneperson is a pedophile based on a channel who has thousands of videos of shirtless boys and whose owner posts comments asking kids to make videos showing their bodies. Or asking for nude videos. You are a liar sir. What about the comment you left for this kid?
  • PLEASE stop buttering up this kid. The only reason why you're defending him so passionately, and using all these positive adjectives to describe him, is because he's an unwitting pawn in your scheme to normalize pedophilia. If he had spoken out against pedophilia like 99% of all other teenagers, it wouldn't matter how intelligent, articulate, or logical he was... You and all the other pedos on here would be calling for his head or looking for ways to slander and insult and degrade him.
  • You underestimate the intelligence of teenagers nowadays. Oh and also, stop patronizing me and just shut the hell up.
  • This has been flagged as spam hide
    Actually, I've changed my mind. It seems like now enough people are able to see thru you phony "child protectors" and are able to call you out on your phoniness. Leave the comments open. Let the world see just how you really are and let them make up their own minds. They'll easily be able to see who is using common sense and rationality, and who is relying on bullying and the brute force of law enforcement.
    Iliketehinternet, leave the comments open please.
  • Stop trying to manipulate the kid and allow him to express his OWN opinions and make his OWN decisions. If he wants to leave the comments open, he will. If he wants to close them, he will. And if he decides not to side with you pedophiles and allow you to manipulate him into doing your bidding anymore, what are you going to do? How are you going to react? Will you simply throw him aside? Or will you do a complete 180 and start attacking him as passionately as you were previously defending him?
  • You pedophiles are so manipulative that you don't care if this kid becomes forever linked to a criminal cause. Check the stats of this video and you all will see that this video is being embeded in pedophile forums everywhere. This is how pedophiles care about children. They know that by doing this, this kid will not have the opportunity to remove it if he decides to do so. This video will be forever on the internet and the kid will be forever connected to these despicable movements.
  • LOOK WHO'S EFFIN' TALKING! It's you and the other vigilantes at Evil Unveiled, Perverted Justice, and Wikisposure who go around stalking poor minor-attracted teens, collecting their comments and posts for years, and then on their magical 18th birthday that you believe in, post those comments all over the internet, complete with photo, home address, telephone numbers, school, job, etc. Why don't you care about what you are forever doing to them then?
    You're despicable.
  • Now you , the adult man who was using this kid a while ago, asking him to close the comments for this video, is hiding behind "minor-attracted teens" are such a coward. Why don't you tell us about your own attraction and what do you want to do with children? What a lousy liar... Your only interest is to keep your information hidden from the authorities. Now use "God" too. Say "God will get angry with you cause you want child abusers to be put in jail"


  1. "Anti's"? No! "Antis".

    Y U use apostrophes to pluralize people?

    Anywho, I've not much to add as I've not yet watched any of these videos. But drama is clearly afoot, and must be documented.

  2. OMG I found even more of them...

    anti- ped's

    I really obsess over this too much but it's irksome. On the plus side, there's plenty of correct usage either for contractions or the possessive form.